Walk a mile in my shoes….

The greatest gap in our society today is empathy.  “Walk a mile in my shoes…”  is a common phrase muttered from those who claim to have it rough or are looking for some cheap pity.  I appreciate Tom Petty’s song more, “You Don’t Know How It Feels To Be Me.”, even though I’m not a huge Petty fan.

With all technology has given us, we are still not able to feel others pain, anxiety, stress, and feelings.  We often complain to others about these things but it’s never possible to exchange them.  We can only attempt to empathize from listening, relating, and imagining another’s experience.

As far as addiction is concerned, I’ve never experienced more empathy then at a 12 step meeting.  If you want to grow in virtue and empathy?…..Go to a 12 step meeting.  I don’t care what type or flavor.  Alcohol, drugs, or sex; they are all forms of evil’s destruction due to addiction.  I’m constantly humbled by the stories I hear, the struggles people are facing and lives being destroyed and the battles being fought.  Many times stories are so tragic and horrific that you instantly know they will be with you until the grave.  You pray urgently for them, for yourself and for society; that God’s grace would blanket everyone.

In those instances, you thank the Father for all your blessings, and that you are here with them and Him.  Not headed down the path of addiction leading to self-destruction and soul death.

If you’re thinking you have it rough, if you are in bad place, of if you can’t stay sober then empathy is key.  Get outside yourself, hit a meeting, get some empathy, grow in virtue and thank God for your blessings.  He’ll bring you home if you let him.